About Ilianna

Ilianna holds a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Bridgeport University, and has also earned her state certification as “Dietician/Nutritionist” with the department of public health in Connecticut.  Her focus of study was in nutrition biochemistry and functional medicine.  She is board certified by the national board for nutrition specialists, and holds a certification in First Line Therapy for coaching patients who struggle with metabolic syndrome and weight loss.  Ilianna has extended studies in holistic care for health and beauty, and three years of focused work and study in Integrative Manual Therapy.  She is the founder of Nutritional Artistry LLC.

In her words:

“Growing up in a home of chefs, earning my master’s degree, passing the boards, followed by years of extensive mentoring alongside some of the world’s most accomplished pioneers in integrative patient care are the contributing factors which have come together to form Nutritional Artistry’s unique and proprietary healthcare system.

I feel blessed to now be able to apply a decade of rigorous training to help others. Always, staying out of the box has allowed my concepts to develop organically over time while simultaneously treating hundreds of patients. Learning never stops in any medical field of practice and I am committed to continuously honing my skills while working to help as many patients as possible.”


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