A healthy gut is foundational to living without sickness.  Many vital jobs are facilitated in the gastrointestinal track (GI):

  1. Nutrient absorption
  2. Digestion/Enzyme activation
  3. Excretion of toxins
  4. GALT/Immune Support
  5. Bacterial balance
  6. Production of neurotransmitters

With so many environmental toxins present we have become witness to an era of auto immune and gut related disorders.  Toxins, food allergies, yeast and heavy metals are just a few environmental factors that cause irritation and Dysbiosis (leaking) of the gut.  There are many organ systems dependent upon the health of your GI.  This means that when the GI is not functioning properly the other organs are put in to a state of stress, and you can have symptoms in many different areas of the body.

Here at Nutritional Artistry we are cognizant of these very issues, and will work with you to build up the integrity of your gut to maintain a healthy lining and proper function.  We want to minimize any added stress to your system so that your body can absorb and assimilate the nutrients that it needs for optimal health.  Our focus with all clients begins with strengthening cellular integrity of the intestinal lining.  Upon cessation of GI discomfort we can build a plan to support your individual needs for continued healing.

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