Company Mission

Our environment determines our health and is influenced by: exercise, nutrition, our surroundings, sleep, hydration, eliminating unhealthy habits, joy, and spirituality.  It’s a challenge to keep all of that in balance in today’s fast paced society.  Experiencing joy is as important as eating healthy.  One of the major joys in my life comes from the Arts.  Leading by example, I have named this company “Nutritional Artistry” as a reminder that we must incorporate happiness into our daily lives and maintain a healthy balance in all aspects of life. We all face challenges.  How we take on these challenges makes all the difference. 

Together we will honor wellness, understanding and compassion to help bring all aspects of healthy living to fruition.


1) To provide dietary consultation that optimizes vitality and cellular integrity. The most significant components involve consuming clean produce and eating an anti- inflammatory diet. This will provide a launching platform that restores and replenishes your cell integrity.

2) In addition, we will assess your goals and incorporate an individualized supplement protocol. We will incorporate motility testing  to custom tailor a specific protocol most conducive to your body’s ability to process and assimilate. It’s not about forcing change, but allowing the body to make the changes that it needs, wants and knows how to do naturally, safely moving you toward meeting your specific goals. Again, we are not treating or diagnosing disease but providing an optimal environment for your body to thrive.

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