Healthy Girl Diaries

March 6, 2014

The medicine shops in China Town are like an herbal goldmine! I cannot believe the price differences. I purchased a bundle of Astragalus (one of my favorite plants for its medicinal value). The astragalus was a mere $20.00, and at home in New Hampshire the same amount would have been $200.00. If anyone near china town is reading this— you are on a landmine of herbal treasures, and so lucky! I decided to indulge in ingredients for a personal favorite to tonify the blood. You can make it as tea or soup. It consists of astragalus, organic goji berries, and dried red dates. This is great for all you healthy girls out there— very supportive for the female system. All the years I lived in NYC, and never thought to go get my herbs in bulk from China town… From fashionista to herbalista- just part of life's adventures; " Oh, the places you'll go..."

Healthy Girl Diaries

February 24, 2014

If the topical magnesium is helping or not, I have no idea! I'm going to have to play around with the timing of using this in the future. I have a homeopathic ointment which is like traumeel on speed, and I wish I had it on this trip. I need to get a jar of it and bring it to a spa for a full body massage. Just hand it over to the masseuse and say; “this is for my massage, please don’t ask, just rub”. Of course the little fighter in me is ready to head back to TRX again. Small, but mighty!!! My lifestyle diet keeps a healthy girl trim no matter what your activity level, but it is so great to have a good routine for mental well-being and vitality. Balanced diet, physical activity, down time with friends— life is beautiful, OPA!

Healthy Girl Diaries

February 22, 2014

From yoga to a full blown TRX boot camp, I think my girlfriend was trying to kill me yesterday, ha! Back home I was doing yoga and light cardio, and I can’t remember the last time I got my heart pumping like that. I’m laughing, but it was so intense… If anyone is contemplating it you will not be bored. There is also nothing that will get you in shape faster than high intensity interval training. Jessica Simpson is a great example. She had to get in killer body shape before putting on those daisy dukes for her Dukes of Hazzard re-make. Her trainer commented it was the short intervals that really helped sculpt the difference. If you haven't done that kind of a work out I strongly suggest building up to it. I’m intrigued to see what I find in that department back on New Hampshire's seacoast. This will be the perfect time to experiment with the buzz of topical magnesium. If this helps with the muscle fatigue and lactic acid build up— I will definitely be sharing.

Healthy Girl Diaries

February 21, 2014

The valleys and hills are so green in Sonoma it looks like a fairy-tale. We started yesterday at a more private and family run vineyard, Biale. The nostalgic feel was enough to make you fall in love. It was either that or the “Black Chicken” wine, which was incredible. I never thought I liked red zinfandels, but I am officially a fan! The underground of a wine vineyard was fascinating, and being musically inclined I was taken by the incredible sound resonation. They had to hang carpets on the ceiling to keep the resonance from being deafening. Our last stop on the tour was a tasting of Jonathan Edwards grapes. His signature wine was remarkable- it is also $90.00 per glass. I have to tell you it was not the taste that made it remarkable (though it was delicious), it was the feeling that it gave you when you drank it. I took two sips and realized what a happy sensation came from that glass. It reminded me of the movie Chocolat, the way that the chocolate had an enchanting effect on the townspeople. What a treat, and that’s just how it should be appreciated, as a special treat! Balance is key. Speaking of balance, we are balancing yesterday’s indulgence with TRX today- ready or not!...

Healthy Girl Diaries

February 20, 2014

The air here in Napa is amazing! It was the first thing I noticed stepping outside. Every few steps either smells like flowers or earth, what an excellent way to stimulate the senses before visiting vineyards. My girlfriend is taking me to visit some of her very favorites, and one of her very own- I am happily spoiled. Excited to tour around with her, she is very like minded and will be dedicated to staying alkaline and hydrated every step of the way. The key is to enjoy everything and feel great- otherwise it's not really enjoyment. right?...


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