Healthy Girl Diaries

February 19, 2014

Wednesday morning and I’m headed for San Francisco airport. I’m going caffeine-free today to minimize dehydration- at least until I reach Napa. The secret to eating in airports is bringing enough food with you. A little preparation ahead of time will make for a better travel day. The easiest snack to prep is my homemade paleo granola, but the smartest snack I bring is seaweed packs. There is so much radiation exposure on the airplane, and seaweed is jam packed with minerals and iodine to support the thyroid. My carry-on is stocked, travel remedy kit prepared! A good book and a little colloidal silver sanitizer will get me through. Time to board!

Healthy Girl Diaries

February 9, 2014

I love serenity Sundays. They are my weekly re-set button in life. Today we started with hot mugs of coffee and steamed hemp milk. My honey toasted up some Udi’s gluten free bagels with slices of organic tomato, Haas avocado and a little garlic salt. There is nothing better than slow mornings, fluffy bathrobes and a handsome man cooking in the kitchen. Pinch me!

We are headed for church where I will contemplate the many blessings in my life. The challenges will have to wait for Monday. This is our day and we are in it!

Healthy Girl Diaries

February 8, 2014

OK, I’m confessing; this healthy girl drank a tequila last night. Well, first I had a delicious and healthy dinner at Olio in Delray Beach. The fish was fresh and the vegetables glistened with just a hint of butter. Yum.

Afterwards, my girlfriend and I were on a mission to explore. We ended up at The Art Bar on SE 2nd for a little live music. I drank of glass of Patron XO over chipped ice. This is a dark tequila infused with coffee and a chocolate aftertaste.

Last night I had the good sense to cozy up with a cup of green tea (no sugar) and I started the morning with a green shake packed with Kale. This will be a lemon water day for sure. I’ve got to hydrate, because there is a romantic dinner date tonight. Skinny jeans, get ready!

Healthy Girl Diaries

February 6, 2014

Hello world! My name is Ilianna and I’m a nutritionist. I got my Master’s Degree from Bridgeport University in Connecticut and I’m licensed by the National Board of Clinical Nutritionists. For all the education and clinical experience I have garnered over the years, I have to point out …. I’m just a healthy girl living in an ever-changing and amazing world.

It’s Thursday morning and I’m sipping on a cup of Trader’s Joe’s Organic Espresso Blend coffee and chatting it up with my Aunt Jane. Jane said, “You need to share how you live, Ili. It inspires me.” The next thing you know, the Healthy Girl Diary was born.

Let’s dish!


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