Cellular Motility

What is it and how does it support nutritional intake?

With advanced knowledge in the field of functional medicine, we can now support healing on a cellular level. When the body becomes sick, the cellular energy becomes chaotic and cells lose their balance, resulting in their degradation and eventual death.  We witness this more frequently as our symptoms progress.  Every cell within us has energy constantly moving through it. We can feel our heart beating, our stomach grumbling, our muscles cramping, the pounding of a headache, etc. We are not usually paying close attention to the more subtle movement of fluid and energy within the body, but if we did, we would feel that everything is fluid and in motion.

If we took the time to study and listen to our body, we would learn our own physical motilities. Each person has a different and unique resonance.  Motility testing is a hands-on technique that measures how the body responds on a cellular level to substances, external stimuli, etc. The body provides a natural response to anything foreign introduced to it. Certain vitamins and nutrients will amplify the body’s response when introduced.  Once we establish these parameters we will use our findings to design a functional medicine plan that supports your body’s natural physiology, specific to its own needs.


What makes this work valuable?

Using this simple modality, we will be able to accurately identify which substances will support healing and which will impede it.  Motility testing takes the guess work out of— “Which vitamins and supplements will my body assimilate? For example, Omega 3 sources come in a wide variety. Which will work best for you? Our goal is to supply your cells with what they need to restore and replenish. There is no magic pill or panacea. What works to heal one person does not always help the next. Instead of applying medicinal strategies that target a certain category of illness, we can devise a functional medicine plan to fit your individual needs.

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