Healthy Girl Diaries

February 8, 2014

OK, I’m confessing; this healthy girl drank a tequila last night.  Well, first I had a delicious and healthy dinner at Olio in Delray Beach. The fish was fresh and the vegetables glistened with just a hint of butter. Yum.  

Afterwards, my girlfriend and I were on a mission to explore. We ended up at The Art Bar on SE 2nd for a little live music.  I drank of glass of Patron XO over chipped ice.  This is a dark tequila infused with coffee and a chocolate aftertaste. 

Last night I had the good sense to cozy up with a cup of green tea (no sugar) and I started the morning with a green shake packed with Kale.  This will be a lemon water day for sure.  I’ve got to hydrate, because there is a romantic dinner date tonight. Skinny jeans, get ready!  


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