Healthy Girl Diaries

February 21, 2014   

The valleys and hills are so green in Sonoma it looks like a fairy-tale.  We started yesterday at a more private and family run vineyard, Biale.  The nostalgic feel was enough to make you fall in love.  It was either that or the “Black Chicken” wine, which was incredible.  I never thought I liked red zinfandels, but I am officially a fan!  The underground of a wine vineyard was fascinating, and being musically inclined I was taken by the incredible sound resonation.  They had to hang carpets on the ceiling to keep the resonance from being deafening.  Our last stop on the tour was a tasting of Jonathan Edwards grapes.  His signature wine was remarkable- it is also $90.00 per glass.  I have to tell you it was not the taste that made it remarkable (though it was delicious), it was the feeling that it gave you when you drank it.  I took two sips and realized what a happy sensation came from that glass.  It reminded me of the movie Chocolat, the way that the chocolate had an enchanting effect on the townspeople.  What a treat, and that’s just how it should be appreciated, as a special treat!  Balance is key.  Speaking of balance, we are balancing yesterday’s indulgence with TRX today- ready or not!...

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