Healthy Girl Diaries

February 22, 2014   

From yoga to a full blown TRX boot camp, I think my girlfriend was trying to kill me yesterday, ha!  Back home I was doing yoga and light cardio, and I can’t remember the last time I got my heart pumping like that.  I’m laughing, but it was so intense…  If anyone is contemplating it you will not be bored.  There is also nothing that will get you in shape faster than high intensity interval training. Jessica Simpson is a great example.  She had to get in killer body shape before putting on those daisy dukes for her Dukes of Hazzard re-make. Her trainer commented it was the short intervals that really helped sculpt the difference.  If you haven't done that kind of a work out I strongly suggest building up to it.  I’m intrigued to see what I find in that department back on New Hampshire's seacoast.  This will be the perfect time to experiment with the buzz of topical magnesium.  If this helps with the muscle fatigue and lactic acid build up— I will definitely be sharing.

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