Healthy Girl Diaries

February 24, 2014

If the topical magnesium is helping or not, I have no idea!  I'm going to have to play around with the timing of using this in the future.  I have a homeopathic ointment which is like traumeel on speed, and I wish I had it on this trip.  I need to get a jar of it and bring it to a spa for a full body massage.  Just hand it over to the masseuse and say; “this is for my massage, please don’t ask, just rub”.  Of course the little fighter in me is ready to head back to TRX again.  Small, but mighty!!!  My lifestyle diet keeps a healthy girl trim no matter what your activity level, but it is so great to have a good routine for mental well-being and vitality.  Balanced diet, physical activity, down time with friends— life is beautiful, OPA!

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