Healthy Girl Diaries

March 6, 2014

The medicine shops in China Town are like an herbal goldmine!  I cannot believe the price differences.  I purchased a bundle of Astragalus (one of my favorite plants for its medicinal value).  The astragalus was a mere $20.00, and at home in New Hampshire the same amount would have been $200.00.  If anyone near china town is reading this— you are on a landmine of herbal treasures, and so lucky!  I decided to indulge in ingredients for a personal favorite to tonify the blood.  You can make it as tea or soup.  It consists of astragalus, organic goji berries, and dried red dates.  This is great for all you healthy girls out there— very supportive for the female system.  All the years I lived in NYC, and never thought to go get my herbs in bulk from China town…  From fashionista to herbalista- just part of life's adventures; "Oh, the places you'll go..."

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