My Mission

It was during my Broadway showcase when I heard the news that would change my course forever.  My best friend, who had journeyed to the “big city” with me, was diagnosed with cancer.  The diagnosis left no room for hope.  To this day I can hear her voice telling me the news.  She was gone six months later.  What was the cause of such a young victim? 

Any inflammation in the body, including cancer, is dependent on our environment (nutrition), and genes.  According to the American Cancer Society; Nutrition accounts for over 60% of all cancer cases.  Medical studies have been showing that our environment will dictate which cells/genes are turned on & which will lay dormant.  Could my friend’s prognosis have had a different ending?  That’s hard to say, but knowledge is empowerment, and prevention is priceless.  I retired from the stage, and began a new career in medical nutrition.  My personal mission is to support others who are looking to empower themselves through healthy living.  There needs to be a change in awareness of what healthy living and diet really mean.  There also needs to be a shift within ourselves that we are capable of making such changes, and can find happiness in our strength.   The “Yes, I can!” shopping list, and meal balancing without living in deprivation.  Nutrition is at a very young stage, with new discoveries on a daily basis.  It is a liberating experience when you can take control of your life and your diet.  What keeps our bodies in a state of homeostasis?  It’s different for each person and crucial to have an awareness of your own body.  My studies have taught me to look at nutrition and health on an individual basis, and treat the body as a whole entity.  It’s about maintaining nutritional balance, healthy living and the things that bring us the greatest inner joy.

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