Nutritional Focus

The tampering of our food chain was not as pervasive during our grandparents’ era as it is today.  No longer can we rely on our grocery store shelves or food pyramid to build a healthy body and immune system. Clients will receive guidance on food intake to reduce inflammation.  

Age should not be an excuse for low energy, aches and pains.  Many of my clients who come in for weight loss counseling are already eating “healthy”.  It’s frustrating to be eating mindfully, with no results, and not realizing that environmental factors are standing in the way.

 Enjoying delectably good food is something we all take part in, but we should not be enjoying a holiday on our plate every day.  Food is intended to be used as nourishment for the body.  When it is consumed for other reasons— like stress or self-indulgence – our body pays the price.  It slows down our metabolic function, and makes us swell from inflammation.  Fun is experienced when we are healthy and happy.  This may change your whole idea about food.  When you’re healthy and feeling great the world is your oyster. Only then will you truly savor each bite of cake.  The foundation of each and every one of our plans is focused on nutrition.   Once this frame work is set we will further augment your plan with an individualized functional medicine protocol.


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