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After my son's serious reaction to the MMR vaccine, Ilianna's expertise, patience, and thorough treatment saved his life.  She is a team player that really understands how the human body functions.  
In addition to treating my son, she also treated my fertility issues with both of my pregnancies. Ilianna's coaching cleaned up my pelvic floor and prepared my body for pregnancy.
I will always turn to her for support and advice. She is my medical go-to expert.

Sophia, VA

I struggled with cervical dysplasia brought on from contracting HPV.  It was a scary time, and I was seeing one of the top medical specialists in NYC.  I went for repeated treatments removing the dysplasia, but it continued to reappear and I was very nervous that I would not be able to have a baby.  After 8 years I had enough, and turned to Ilianna for an alternative approach using nutrition and functional medicine.  She guided me with a few dietary changes, and started me on an immune protocol to strengthen my system.  After about 6 months of following her plan with diet and supplements I received my first clear exam.  It has now been 4 years and the dysplasia has not returned!

I am so thankful for Ilianna’s guidance and abundant knowledge and without her treatment I’m not sure I’d have this beautiful baby in my arms! 

Laurie, NYC

I had very dangerous levels of cholesterol for more than two years.  My levels were stuck at Cholesterol 285 and LDL 220.

After only 3 months of combination, supplements and a healthier eating program, I lost 13 lbs of weight and my levels have dropped to: Cholesterol 220 and LDL 150. 

I am continuing with this program for three more months in order to lose my last 7 lbs of fat and decrease my cholesterol levels even more.  This is the first time in years I have been able to reach a safe zone for my heart and cholesterol.

Thank you Nutritional  Artistry!

Eleftherios, Agios Dimitrios, Greece

Going through menopause I gained weight, especially around my midsection.  I was starting to believe as others said it was a natural part of aging, and I began to accept it until I met with Ilianna when she visited Greece.  She supported me with guidance on what foods to eat and some supplements to incorporate.  I lost the weight and haven’t seen it since!

Thasoula- Kozani, Greece

Ilianna was instrumental in helping to support me while coming off of several medications. She also supported my body while it detoxified and returned to normal function. Today I am no longer taking any prescriptions and feel better than I ever have. Ilianna provides quality care for her clients and nutritional consultations that help prevent ailments rather than treating their symptoms once they manifest.

 Robert, Delray Beach, FL

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