Weight loss

We all get stuck or hit plateaus from time to time.  Sometimes it seems as if that scale just won’t budge, despite our best efforts. 

We are all very unique, and our bodies each have different requirements to run optimally.  We all know the fundamental rule in losing weight you must expend more calories than you consume.  If you are not consuming a diet that is right for you then that simple rule just won’t work. 

The body swells with fluid as an attempt to protect itself when you ingest foods that don’t agree with you.  If you are someone who has struggled through the ups and downs of dieting, you may find some startling answers to why that was happening and eliminate that pattern once and for all.

We will use the added diagnostic support of our BIA machine to track your fluid levels and eliminate stress at a cellular level.  Dieting itself can cause added stress to the body.  The dehydration of our cells (from the ups and downs of dieting) only speeds up the cellular ageing process. Our focus is to eliminate that pattern.  We will measure your metabolic rate and track your fluid levels to obtain your weight loss goals safely. The focus of Nutritional Artistry is to support a lifestyle change that will eliminate excess weight, increase energy, and support your cells so they feel young and healthy.

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